The Pebin Brand, which consists of products that attract attention with their comfortable, stylish and multi-purpose use that can be adaptable both for day and night style, has started out with two good friends and lots of endeavors.

Pebin is a privileged brand that will appeal to the appreciation of many women from different areas of life. The creators of this brand, whose dream is to produce clothes, which reflect their taste directly, for all other women, are two successful women Berrin Aksoy and Pelin Çebi.


 “Everything has started in a friendly chat, and continues with the same sincerity

It is the story of Berrin Aksoy, who has enhanced her career at Vakko in different levels, and Pelin Çebi, who has an experience in textile sector, and process of creating their own brand. We have named our brand, which was developed during a friendly chat, as Pebin. 

We have desired to create a collection that we can wear each pieces with pleasure, but at the same time it needs to fit all areas of our busy lives, and ensure practicability to us. 

For instance; when we get out of a business meeting or a parents’ meeting, and there is an unexpected event for the night, we should be able to join directly to the night event with our combination without any hesitation. This could make our lives so easy, and as two professionals we feel that we need to offer this chance to all women.

We have started with this idea, taken our drawing papers and pencils and created these clothes that we are presenting to you right now. We have never compromised on style or quality, like you, like all of us. However, prices should have been affordable, and we have determined our pricing strategy accordingly. Although we have experiences throughout the years, we are working with the excitement of the first day. As we produce for you, we are studiously involved in whole process from production to quality control.

We have worked in textile sector starting with first steps to higher levels, gained experiences and Pebin was born after this background. Pebin is now your brand!


When we were planning our conservative designs, we were generous in quality but stingy in marked price. We have combined elegant and handy style with high quality at affordable prices for you.

Even all women have different life styles, all of them have hustle and bustle in their lives. 

That is why; while we were preparing Pebin Collection, we have put being stylish at the top of our list, added comfort and multi-purpose use on it and presented to your taste. We have desired that when a woman picks up her daily clothes from her closet, she should be comfortable all day with her combination, and she can participate any unexpected invitation without any need to change her clothes.

Our fashionable clothes ensure privilege with their silky texture and their classic and chic designs, that are suitable for both in business and daily life. Also, poliester provides comfort and practicability with its easy ironed fabric feature.

All products are locally produced from their fabrics to designs.

All Pebin Collection is composed of unique pieces that were designed by us. We are combining the top quality fabrics with meticulous workmanship, and following quality control process personally.

We are combining high quality with affordable prices.

All production is done by using resources of our own country where we were raised. So, we are %100 domestic brand. We are not only in Turkey. We have been carrying out our business abroad, working for exportation to Europe, Middle East and USA, and making contract manufacturing for our partners.



We have been presenting experience and quality of Pebin Textile for wholesale as well.

You can contact with us for your orders.

Contract Manufacturing

We have planned our production infrastructure and experience in order to generate a solution for you. 

You can contact with us for your contract manufacturing demands.



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